Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Medical Insurance Prefers Cure to Prevention

At our last contact, one of the top things on my to do list was to contact the IU health clinic and check on international travel immunizations. Well, I did that and found out that the consultation, immunizations and medication for the trip will cost between $250-$350. Cha-ching! I won't mention my insurance company, but they don't cover those kinds of expenses--nice. One must assume they figure there's low risk involved and they'd rather you take it and they'll do the "clean up" later if you do come down with something (ER visit? hospital stay?? sounds like big bucks to me) or they assume you'll pay for it out of pocket.
I apologize for the long time between posts, but I've been sick with a bad cold and cough. The Thanksgiving holiday was in there somewhere, too.
More soon. . .

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